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All millinery/headwear is one size fits all unless otherwise stated in item description.

Your millinery/headwear has been handmade and requires special attention as it is delicate.

When you are not wearing your millinery store it in the hat box provided along with the tissue paper for cushioning, this will protect it from direct sunlight, dust and any knocks. Store your hatbox in a cool, dry place to avoid heat or moisture damage.

Always use an umbrella during wet weather to protect your millinery/headwear. Avoid spending extended periods of time in these conditions.

Your millinery/headwear is made with delicate materials please handle with care around make-up, jewellery, hair spray and ensure hands are clean to avoid make-up marks, pulls or discolouration.

Bows and Clips are to be worn under supervision. Please remove before sleeping and do not leave children or babies unsupervised while wearing these products as they contain small parts as mentioned in the item description. Designs may vary slightly due to the pattern in the print and the nature of these items being handmade with love.